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Outsourcing is a founding component of DECSKILL’s offer and a key enabler of our customers' business. Using a knowledge-based model of each customer's needs and culture, our Outsourcing services in Information Technology offer efficiency improvements and cost savings, allowing customers to reinvest in and increase the transformation and productivity of their business. DECSKILL customizes its relationship with each new customer in order to meet their specific business and technological needs.

Since its creation in 2014, DECSKILL has been providing and fostering Outsourcing services through the technical expertise of its consultants, being a solid and reliable partner with its regular client base, which continues to grow strongly.

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Our Outsourcing solutions, in their various configurations, free our customers from HR administrative responsibilities and headcount management, provide qualified resources that are hard to find, and ensure full compliance with local and international regulations.
DECSKILL is proud of its ability to retain talent, with a structured and competitive remuneration policy, career development opportunities, and exciting benefits and, above all, a motivating organizational culture that stimulates the work/life balance for its employees.

Regular follow-up ensures that our consultants are satisfied in their current roles, as well as in tune with the objectives of the projects they are involved in, thus creating added value for our clients

Our technical skills in Outsourcing cover the following areas, technologies and methodologies:: 

Governance, & Project Management 
· Project Management
· Business Analysis
· Data Science & Business Intelligence
· Service Management
· Compliance

Applications Development 
· Software Development in the most influential languages, platforms and frameworks
· Application Maintenance
· Agile Methodologies 
· DevOps 
· UX
· RAD (Rapid Application Development)
· Software Testing 

Infrastructure Services 
· Systems Administrations & Maintenance
(Microsoft, Linux/Unix, 
· Data Bases Administration
(SQL, non-SQL, Oracle)
· RPA (Robotic Process Automation)
· Virtualization 
· Security 
· Networking Management
· Unified Communications
· Transition Management
· End-User Support

Cloud Development & vTransition
· Google Cloud
· Azure / Microsoft Cloud
· Office 365
· Salesforce
· Data Center Housing Management