DECSKILL is today the meeting point of a digital community that shares an attitude that is committed to the current digital transformation in an intense and innovative way

Our mission is to deliver value through knowledge and it is the fulfilment of this design that motivates us to be better, more informed, innovative and competitive on a daily basis.

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We believe that the delivery of value through knowledge is carried out using three perspectives:
· Through people, using their ability to understand and master the technology and the deep knowledge they hold of each specific economic sector;
· Through our products and solutions, where knowledge of the business processes is key and makes a difference from the moment they go into production;
· Through methodologies, where the knowledge that we have in the field of Agile practices, in training and coaching, as well as in the modern models of service delivery, are key differentiators.

The DECSKILL group has consolidated its foundations in the solid experience of its two founders, who have more than 20 years’ experience playing key roles in the most important national ICT groups, and in very focused strategic partnerships, which has allowed them to develop a culture of innovation and dynamism with a very concrete vision of how to deliver value to their customers and employees.

The company became autonomous as an information technologies group in 2017, thus seeking to focus on the emerging challenges that the digital transformation of its customers' business demands. Responding to this transformation requires attention, dedication and a great deal of knowledge, 

so the group has focused on three areas: outsourcing, with the brand DECSKILL; products and solutions of augmented reality and computer vision, using the brand PROSKILL; and Agile training and coaching branded as GETSKILL.

We are currently based in Lisbon, Porto and Évora, and are able to project services to any locality in the country.

Since 2017, DECSKILL has also been present in the Spanish market, with its subsidiary DECSKILL ESPAÑA. Moreover, the development of business in the international market has been an ambition since the beginning, the DECSKILL group being present, as well as in Spain, in the markets of the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium and the United States of America.