How can we plan in a constantly changing environment? How can we make decisions in uncertain scenarios? How can we learn faster in complex environments?

GETSKILL has emerged as a response to real challenges and problems faced by real Organizations. Built from case studies, contexts and field experiences, we focus on empowering problem solving and challenges through workshops, training and coaching, rather than providing a standard solution.

We put people first. We strive to protect your time, knowledge, reputation, money, health and motivation.

As we recognize the uniqueness of each Organization, our goal is to learn about their history, context, goals and constraints, and then we will go through an epic journey of growth and transformation together.

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What we do

Why: to make our people even better by promoting their personal and professional growth throughout their careers.

How: Training in specific knowledge and skills:
· Product Owner Training and certification
· Scrum Master Training and Certification
· Large Scale Scrum Training (LeSS)
· Design and Visual Thinking Training

Agile Coaching 
Why: we want to enable our Organization to be more agile, because we believe that this will create exceptional results, cultivating a remarkable culture for all involved.

How: Our Agile Coaches are part of the Organization's journey:
· Overcoming challenges of cultural change and mind set
· Product Management vs Project Management
· Facilitating agile transformation
· Accompanying teams and people
· In-house workshops

Why: delivering value faster and more often, allows us to meet the expectations and needs of the market and of our customers, as well as surpassing the competition.

How: We deliver technical skills through our consultants:
· Certified SCRUM Developers
· Ensuring the implementation of good development practices, engineering expertise and agile architectures and DevOps principles, in order to deliver value to the Organization more quickly and frequently.