In order to enable its customers to revolutionize their Do-It-Yourself support, detection and resolution processes, DECSKILL has created the Onsight, an Augmented Reality solution that uses Machine Learning and Computer Vision to help modern organizations and their customer support structures - including support agents, 

specialized technicians and even end users - to identify, diagnose and resolve cases and to report information in real time.
The solution Onsight was designed to be flexible and adaptable to the most diverse contexts and evolving business requirements, it is available in SaaS model and is configurable in a modular form according to the necessary functionalities.

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Currently suite Onsight is equipped with the following modules:
· Central – the module responsible for orchestrating the entire system and managing communication between users and operators, and this communication can be voice, video, IM, 3D animations, among other possibilities.

· Remote Assistance – the module responsible for connecting the device to a video communication platform, allowing the user to communicate with the assistant to solve a problem or to follow instructions by video / audio text.

· Communication – the module that allows the use of exposed APIs for external integration, for all types of entities and operations.

· Detect - The purpose of this module is to detect either problems, or routine tasks, and include these in knowledge based situations, registering these in the system

· 3D Animation - the module where you can visualize graphical information that instructs you how to proceed according to need.

· Offline Support - this module enables modules for mobile devices to work in offline mode

· Central Assistance  - a communication module between users and operators, this communication can be via voice chat, video, IM, 3D animations as well as other possibilities

· Voice-to-Text / Voice-Commands - integrated with other modules, this allows recording of logs (audio and text) and records all of the interventions made in text and audio mode.

· Central Log & Analytics - the module that collects and records all actions and other elements for statistical and analytical purposes