DECSKILL is today the meeting point of a digital community that shares an attitude that is committed to the current digital transformation in an intense and innovative way

Our mission is to deliver value through knowledge and it is the fulfilment of this design that motivates us to be better, more informed, innovative and competitive on a daily basis.

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We believe that the delivery of value through knowledge is carried out using three perspectives:
· Through people, using their ability to understand and master the technology and the deep knowledge they hold of each specific economic sector;
· Through our products and solutions, where knowledge of the business processes is key and makes a difference from the moment they go into production;
· Through methodologies, where the knowledge that we have in the field of Agile practices, in training and coaching, as well as in the modern models of service delivery, are key differentiators.

The DECSKILL group has consolidated its foundations in the solid experience of its two founders, who have more than 20 years’ experience playing key roles in the most important national ICT groups, and in very focused strategic partnerships, which has allowed them to develop a culture of innovation and dynamism with a very concrete vision of how to deliver value to their customers and employees.

The company became autonomous as an information technologies group in 2017, thus seeking to focus on the emerging challenges that the digital transformation of its customers' business demands. Responding to this transformation requires attention, dedication and a great deal of knowledge, 

so the group has focused on three areas: outsourcing, with the brand DECSKILL; products and solutions of augmented reality and computer vision, using the brand PROSKILL; and Agile training and coaching branded as GETSKILL.

We are currently based in Lisbon, Porto and Évora, and are able to project services to any locality in the country.

Since 2017, DECSKILL has also been present in the Spanish market, with its subsidiary DECSKILL ESPAÑA. Moreover, the development of business in the international market has been an ambition since the beginning, the DECSKILL group being present, as well as in Spain, in the markets of the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium and the United States of America.



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Outsourcing is a founding component of DECSKILL’s offer and a key enabler of our customers' business. Using a knowledge-based model of each customer's needs and culture, our Outsourcing services in Information Technology offer efficiency improvements and cost savings, allowing customers to reinvest in and increase the transformation and productivity of their business. DECSKILL customizes its relationship with each new customer in order to meet their specific business and technological needs.

Since its creation in 2014, DECSKILL has been providing and fostering Outsourcing services through the technical expertise of its consultants, being a solid and reliable partner with its regular client base, which continues to grow strongly.

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Our Outsourcing solutions, in their various configurations, free our customers from HR administrative responsibilities and headcount management, provide qualified resources that are hard to find, and ensure full compliance with local and international regulations.
DECSKILL is proud of its ability to retain talent, with a structured and competitive remuneration policy, career development opportunities, and exciting benefits and, above all, a motivating organizational culture that stimulates the work/life balance for its employees.

Regular follow-up ensures that our consultants are satisfied in their current roles, as well as in tune with the objectives of the projects they are involved in, thus creating added value for our clients

Our technical skills in Outsourcing cover the following areas, technologies and methodologies:: 

Governance, & Project Management 
· Project Management
· Business Analysis
· Data Science & Business Intelligence
· Service Management
· Compliance

Applications Development 
· Software Development in the most influential languages, platforms and frameworks
· Application Maintenance
· Agile Methodologies 
· DevOps 
· UX
· RAD (Rapid Application Development)
· Software Testing 

Infrastructure Services 
· Systems Administrations & Maintenance
(Microsoft, Linux/Unix, 
· Data Bases Administration
(SQL, non-SQL, Oracle)
· RPA (Robotic Process Automation)
· Virtualization 
· Security 
· Networking Management
· Unified Communications
· Transition Management
· End-User Support

Cloud Development & vTransition
· Google Cloud
· Azure / Microsoft Cloud
· Office 365
· Salesforce
· Data Center Housing Management




In order to enable its customers to revolutionize their Do-It-Yourself support, detection and resolution processes, DECSKILL has created the Onsight, an Augmented Reality solution that uses Machine Learning and Computer Vision to help modern organizations and their customer support structures - including support agents, 

specialized technicians and even end users - to identify, diagnose and resolve cases and to report information in real time.
The solution Onsight was designed to be flexible and adaptable to the most diverse contexts and evolving business requirements, it is available in SaaS model and is configurable in a modular form according to the necessary functionalities.

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Currently suite Onsight is equipped with the following modules:
· Central – the module responsible for orchestrating the entire system and managing communication between users and operators, and this communication can be voice, video, IM, 3D animations, among other possibilities.

· Remote Assistance – the module responsible for connecting the device to a video communication platform, allowing the user to communicate with the assistant to solve a problem or to follow instructions by video / audio text.

· Communication – the module that allows the use of exposed APIs for external integration, for all types of entities and operations.

· Detect - The purpose of this module is to detect either problems, or routine tasks, and include these in knowledge based situations, registering these in the system

· 3D Animation - the module where you can visualize graphical information that instructs you how to proceed according to need.

· Offline Support - this module enables modules for mobile devices to work in offline mode

· Central Assistance  - a communication module between users and operators, this communication can be via voice chat, video, IM, 3D animations as well as other possibilities

· Voice-to-Text / Voice-Commands - integrated with other modules, this allows recording of logs (audio and text) and records all of the interventions made in text and audio mode.

· Central Log & Analytics - the module that collects and records all actions and other elements for statistical and analytical purposes



How can we plan in a constantly changing environment? How can we make decisions in uncertain scenarios? How can we learn faster in complex environments?

GETSKILL has emerged as a response to real challenges and problems faced by real Organizations. Built from case studies, contexts and field experiences, we focus on empowering problem solving and challenges through workshops, training and coaching, rather than providing a standard solution.

We put people first. We strive to protect your time, knowledge, reputation, money, health and motivation.

As we recognize the uniqueness of each Organization, our goal is to learn about their history, context, goals and constraints, and then we will go through an epic journey of growth and transformation together.

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What we do

Why: to make our people even better by promoting their personal and professional growth throughout their careers.

How: Training in specific knowledge and skills:
· Product Owner Training and certification
· Scrum Master Training and Certification
· Large Scale Scrum Training (LeSS)
· Design and Visual Thinking Training

Agile Coaching 
Why: we want to enable our Organization to be more agile, because we believe that this will create exceptional results, cultivating a remarkable culture for all involved.

How: Our Agile Coaches are part of the Organization's journey:
· Overcoming challenges of cultural change and mind set
· Product Management vs Project Management
· Facilitating agile transformation
· Accompanying teams and people
· In-house workshops

Why: delivering value faster and more often, allows us to meet the expectations and needs of the market and of our customers, as well as surpassing the competition.

How: We deliver technical skills through our consultants:
· Certified SCRUM Developers
· Ensuring the implementation of good development practices, engineering expertise and agile architectures and DevOps principles, in order to deliver value to the Organization more quickly and frequently.



A partnership with Outsystems, one of the biggest low-code references, adds the creation of a competence centre where we provide training/certification in external systems to our offer. This is provided through public and in-house training camps as well as through the delivery of ‘Key in Hand’ projects, thus responding to the emerging needs of today´s market.


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Boot Camps
. Developing OutSystems Web Apps
. Developing OutSystems Mobile Apps
. Mobile for OutSystems Developers
. Advanced Developer Boot Camp
. Reactive Web Developer
. Delta Associate Web Developer OIO to 011
. Associate Web Developer
. Associate Mobile Developer
. Associate Teach Lead Web Developer
. Professional Web Developer
. Expert Web Developer
. Outsystems Mobile
. Outsystems Web



Through the outsourcing scheme, we provide specialists in:
. OutSystems DevOps
. OutSystems Architects
. Agile Development Specialists

"Key in Hand" Projects 

Product development, in terms of projects, according to the needs, specifications and time frame that the customer defines.



Luís Fernandes

Managing Partner & Founder

Tiago Santiago

Head of Business Unit (GetSkill)

Luis Paulino Santos

Managing Partner & Founder

João Rebelo

Technical Consultant

Joana dos Santos Pires

Business Unit Director

Paula Prata

Office & Administrative Manager

Joana Archer de Queirós

Talent Acquisition Manager

Fabiana Amorim

Talent Acquisition Manager

Ana Sofia Farinha

Organizational Development Director

Luis Ferreira

Business Unit Director

Marta Costa

Finance & Quality Director

João Gomes Pereira

Business Manager

Diana Silva

Business Unit Director

Vânia Coelho

Project Controlling Manager

Cláudia Figueira

Business Manager

Tiago de Jesus Amaral

Senior Business Manager

Vera Mendes

Head of Marketing & Talent Manager

Andreia Cerqueira

IT Recruiter

Liliana Moreira

IT Recruiter

João Marques

Talent Acquisition Manager

Zaína Graça

Talent Acquisition Manager

Diana Morais

Talent Acquisition Manager

Carolina Pozdneacov

Finance Assistant

Joana Gonçalves

Marketing Specialist

Rui Saraiva

Business Solutions Director

Ricardo Machado

Training Business Manager & Head of Outsystems Competence Center

João Madaleno

IT Recruiter

Inês Granja

Talent Acquisition Manager

Mafalda Gomes

Talent Acquisition Manager

Sara Brito

Senior Business Manager

Tiago Assis

Senior Business Manager

Pedro Dias

Business Manager



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